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TOMICA AT-M6 and First Order AT-AT Review

Tomica AT-M6 First Order AT-AT

One of my favorite scenes in Episode VIII The Last Jedi is the battle at Crait, where old master Luke Skywalker faces Kylo Ren for a lightsaber duel. But before that, another iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back was somehow brought to life in this movie through the new mech walkers: The AT-M6 and the First Order AT-AT.

The AT-M6 (All Terrain MegaCaliber Six) or Gorilla Walker is the biggest walker in the First Order's arsenal while the First Order AT-AT is deployed alongside the AT-M6 during the battle of Crait.

Since the battle of Hoth is on top of my Star Wars battle scenes, when there are AT-AT toy releases, I always consider having one of them but not all of them depending on budget and quality of make.

box tomica taka tomy at-m6 first order at-at
Last week Yoda appeared to me in a dream that I should complete my training at Toys R Us. When I got there, the sales personnel told me that there's a promo for TOMICA Star Wars diecast vehicles where you only pay P500 for 2 boxes and-bam!!!

There I saw the newly displayed AT-M6 beside the First Order AT AT. Without further ado, I asked if I can see the actual vehicles inside. It was good!

Most Tomica (Takara Tomy) Star Wars vehicles have a standard box size of 8 x 8 cm long and the scale of each vehicle type may vary accordingly. For this review both walkers measures 7 x 7 cm long.

Each walker weighs approximately 80 grams and it's slightly heavy on the palm for me.

tomica takara tomy AT M6 AT AT first order


From a distance, you cannot easily see the details but the sculpt and shape of these vehicles defines  what these mech walkers really look like. The average amount of details is rightfully chosen for these mini vehicles. The size is just enough for me to bring at the office or inside the car just to play with while waiting for something. Just don't hold them while driving :-)


tomica take tomy star wars vehicles

As you can see, there's a round metal at each end of the axle on the legs. Looks like magnets to me but looks good on them. These allow the leg joints to be moved far enough to each end but not to the inside. You can bend the knees from any directions but not the ankles.

You may ask about the heads. Nope it's fixed. It may look tempting to try but good luck anyway. Oh the cannon above the head of the gorilla walker does move... just kidding!

I also have the standard AT-AT walker (TSW-10) for comparison and the main thing missing with the gorilla walker and the first order AT-AT is that they don't have the metal wheels under the feet like that of the TSW-10 but instead they included a separate stand with a wheeled base which looks odd to me. It looks like an AT-AT parade float.

Below is a comparison of the AT-M6 and the First Order AT-AT with the classic AT-AT walker.

tomica takara tomy at-at at-m6 comparison
tomica takara tomy at-at first order comparison

If you notice, the first order walkers are more darker but has almost the same articulation. The downside is my first order AT-AT has a loose left leg joint so next time you buy Tomica vehicles, check the joints if they are tight enough. Avoid dropping them or else you'll end up with a loose wing like what happened to my Tomica Imperial Shuttle.

From left: AT-AT, AT-M6, First Order AT-AT

They look cool in this position like you're telling an AT-AT evolution.
I'm glad I got these mech walkers at a discounted promo at Toys R Us. It has a retail price of P399 each but got two at a price of only P500. As many toy groups say, the walkers are running out but I think it still depends on the branch availability and asking the sale personnel for any hidden items in case you don't find one. Most of them are always happy to help.

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I hope you find this review helpful. If you have thoughts on these, please comment and subscribe to our facebook page right now. Hope to see you next time. Have a great week. Happy toy hunting!

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