Friday, March 21, 2014

3.75" War Machie Iron Man 2 Movie Series

war machine toy figure

One of the highlights in the movie Iron Man 2 movie is where Tony Stark (Iron Man) having an armored sidekick who's also his best friend James Rhodes as portrayed by movie star Don Cheadle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Watch Star Movies #TheWayYouWantIt!

Let's get out of my toy room for a while and relax while we watch my digital cable TV. Without the invention and wonders of a television set, we may not fully know and enjoy the super heroes, science fiction and movie characters we idolize today.

I remember during the 70-80s decade, we were limited to a number of channels and you can see some video noise due to its dependency to the antenna's location.

Imagine if you could watch different channels worldwide and enjoy them in the best picture quality without interruption. I think your family and friends will never know the meaning of boredom but instead quality entertainment at home anytime.

Now these are made possible by SKYcable where you can watch 180 channels worldwide in key cities where you can enjoy be updated with what's going on around the world. That is seeing what other nation see in the comfort of your own home.