Thursday, August 18, 2016

Clean Your Toys - The Lazy Way

Star Wars Saga Collections Death Star Gunner Toy Cleaner
Death Star Gunner photo with dust all over.

If you are a toy collector, I bet one of your most favorite part of the house is the room where you keep all your toy collections.

Now most of the time, toy collectors prefer to take the toys out of the box and put them on display. But in a short time, DUST will begin to build up on your precious toys.

As we all know, dust are:

- harmful to your lungs
- they make toys look old
- covers the gloss and actual color of toys
- when not removed, it tends to pile up and cause more harmful effect.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Babysitting Made Easy For Daddies

Baby Company SM Megamall PH
Having a new baby is one of the most wonderful experiences for parents like me. The father and mother become instant "caregivers" and that special care has no limits even when it comes to doing the role of a mother or vice versa.

I love my wife and I salute her incomparable labor of carrying our child in her womb for the last 9 months. As a token of appreciation, I want to be part of the next challenge in babysitting.

I opposed the notion that "babysitting" is not manly and women are only good in this field. As long as men know how to value his wife, same value applies to his child. We daddies just need to learn how to babysit. For your information, the U.S. has a growing job demand for babysitters and that includes men babysitters. If other men take babysitting as a career so why not daddies do it for free.