Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Raining 6" Black Series Figures On 2015

It looks like Hasbro is turning up force to produce more new 6 inch figures on 2015. Actually many fans of the 6" Black Series figures are still running the market race to find a Darth Vader and Prototype Boba Fett which are selling fast online.

Previously we have talked about the next coming figures of Wave 6 that includes Yoda, Tie Fighter, Clone Trooper Sergeant and the repacked Obi Wan. These figures are just up for pre-order in some online toy shops like Dorkside with the estimated time of arrival on November, 2014.

And now New York Comic Con has announced a newer set of 6" figures that will be released somewhere in March, 2015 or maybe earlier!

Let's start with the Star Wars movie photos so you can feel the force flowing in you :-)

6" Black Series Wave 7