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Kotobukiya: Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Artfx+ Statue Review

Emperor Palpatine ArtFX+ Kotobukiya review
Most of us enjoy recreating scenes from sci-fi movie through dioramas. One of the most popular mediums nowadays are using action figures, statues and various backgrounds out of each creative ideas

Some people prefer statues over action figures because it's already sculpted in predefined action with fine details and in a more acceptable poses.

emperor palpatine artfx+ kotobukiya
After a long week wait, I finally got my statue of Emperor Palpatine ArtFX+ from the Kotobukiya lineup. This is a PVC figure in 1/10 scale that measures 5.7 inches which was released somewhere in December, 2017.
luke skywalker darth vader emperor palpatine
luke skywalker darth vader emperor palpatine
This statue is based on the scene where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are standing before the Emperor while Luke is being convinced to join the dark side in Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

kotobukiya artfx emperor palpatinekotobukiya artfx emperor palpatine

The inclusion of the Emperor's Throne with the package is a big bonus for me. Above you can see how comfortable but full of ambitions he is while sitting on the throne. This package has executed well how the Emperor is waiting silently for his treachery and evil plans to succeed in the galaxy.

Emperor's Throneemperor's throne artfx kotobukiya
The Emperor Palpatine figure is not permanently attached to the throne and there are no pegs nor magnets. The hands rest very well on throne's arm panels while the feet is at level with the ground surface. With these being said, you won't worry about the figure slipping off the throne.



As of now, the Emperor Palpatine ArtFX+ is one of the best figure in my small collection of Kotobukiya figures. You would appreciate the sculpting even better when you see him in actual. The skin color is just right for me, not too pale. Face details are impressive. You can tell how bad Mace Windu left those scars on his face during the duel on Coruscant.

mace windu duel emperor palpatine

emperor palpatine statue kotobukiya
I also like how they painted the nails with black on the edges. This clearly show how The Emperor has used his force lightning many times. The hooded cloak is painted black and there's a cross stitch texture to it if you look closer. The inner robe has a slight color difference with the cloak. I think it's kind of dark blue.

emperor palpatine darth vader statue kotobukiya
What I wished they have included in the throne is Luke Skywalker's lightsaber that can be laid on the arm panels.

emperor palpatine darth vader statue kotobukiya
Here is a scale comparison of Darth Vader with the Emperor. Both are in 1/10 scale but I feel a shortness of scale for Darth Vader regarding with the overall built. It's more noticeable with the comparison of heads. Hey, let me know your thoughts on this!

star wars emperor palpatine artfx+ kotobukiya
The box is more compact as compared with the previous releases and that's an advantage for storage space and that you can easily hide them from your wife. Oh just kidding! The box measures 9" x 9" x 8" and weighs 2 pounds. Recommended age is 15 years and up.

iron man star wars mark 42 marvel legends
Since the Emperor can be removed from his throne, you can play around with your other action figures. The Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark 42 sits well on the throne. Wait till the emperor finds out that someone is messing around with his throne. He'll be electrified!

I hope you find this review helpful and yeah, go and get one if you are a Star Wars fan. Having this iconic character for me as the evil manipulator of the entire star wars saga is like having the brain of the imperial forces. Without him, there will be no Darth Vader, no rebels and no adventure as well.

So until then, happy toy hunting!

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