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Star Wars The Black Series: AT-AT Pilot

at-at driver pilot black series
Even though this review should have been published months ago, the AT-AT pilot/driver is still a very nice figure to have in your 6" Black Series collection. He is one of the most iconic characters in the Empire Strikes Back movie that's why you can find him here again in my blog where I got the chance to review the AT-AT Driver ArtFX Kotobukiya statue.

I was hoping that I should have bought a pair of this figure because the All Terrain Armored Transport, one of the most famous symbols of the Empire's military might, is driven by two pilots.

At At driver pilot dewback potf black series
Nope he's not driving an AT-AT but goofing around with the Dewback
As you can see, the AT-AT driver can sit nicely on a four-legged creature and surely he'll sit well on an AT-AT vehicle if ever there will be a 1:12 scale vehicle to be released someday. Wow! Can you imagine the size of that?

at-at pilot the black seriesat-at driver the black series

Sculpt / Paint:

The AT-AT pilot has a similar sculpt with the original trilogy collection-tie fighter pilots when it comes to the helmet and armor. Main differences are the color of the suits, chest box and details on the helmet. I saw some collectors have repainted their tie fighters and somehow made an AT-AT pilot out of it.

Repainting would not be a better alternative for me because the tie fighter pilot has no leg straps and the hoses of the chest box are attached near the mouth of the helmet.

The paint job on the AT-AT driver is 8/10 for me. The decals on the helmet are neat except some paint bleeding on the chest box. I believe this is always not the case when it comes to generalizing the paint job on a figure released. You can always choose between identical figures when you buy and most of the time, some paint jobs are better with the other.

AT-AT pilot blaster gun
This figure only comes with an Blastech E-11 blaster. Since AT-AT pilots are already protected by the Imperial vehicles, they are usually unarmed but on occasions where they carry blaster pistols, thermal detonators and grenades.

at-at pilot chest box
Here is a closer look at the AT-AT driver chest box, a life-support pack that protects the pilots from the lack of climate control inside the pressurized cockpit. If you would notice some paint bleeding, it's not too obvious when looking at a normal range.

circuit board at-at driver
Nice paint job at the circuit board at back armor plate.


This highly articulated figure like the rest of the other Imperial soldiers in the 6" Black Series figures has only one downside-the lack of head movement. You can turn them sideways at a limited point, slightly look up, as long as the hoses of the chest box are not pulled too much.

Overall I like this the 6" Black Series AT-AT driver/pilot. Having a pair of these is enough for me to accommodate the actual number of pilots in an AT-AT vehicle.

Here some fun trivia for you. Are you sure you are pronouncing the word AT-AT correctly? Check the video below.
Hahaha! Were you correct all the time? This wraps up another figure review from the 1:12 Star Wars The Black Series collection-The AT-AT driver/pilot.

So until then, Happy Toy Hunting!

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