Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Imperial Forces Welcome The New Year

Wishing you all the best of the best as the countdown begins for the year 2015. This is a time to recap life we had on 2014 and be thankful for all the blessings and happiness we shared with out family and friends. Even though there were sadness or misfortunes, try to look at them as being part of life where we learn to be strong, patient and be prepared for more challenges in the next coming years.

Thank you for supporting Steve's Toy Room and we promise to give you better reviews, tips and giveaways for every one to enjoy. My wish is that this site will get more traffic, advertisers and sponsors who will trust in my reviews in the near future.

Have a safe and happy celebration to all of you.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Star Wars Nativity

Star Wars Nativity

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration this season. Aside from the love of family and friends let's not forget to honor the Father and his Son Jesus who brought real meaning of unity, forgiveness, love and promise of eternal happiness in His kingdom forever.


This photo is not intended to offend anyone's belief but merely for honoring the celebration of the Christmas season. Since this blog is a toy collector site, I think it's just fair to express my nativity version through my collections.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Must Have Toys Of The Past 25 Years

With Christmas right around the corner, who can forget the excitement of unwrapping your must-have gift? Personal Creations decided to bring back the nostalgia by sharing the past 25 years of must-have toys. It features some all time favorites like Barbie and Super NES (you also may notice Buzz and Woody!). 

Did you make a wish to Santa for any of these popular toys?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cool Toy Photography Ideas For Beginners

One of the cool reasons why adults are into toy collecting is the beauty of toy photography. Of all the many subjects we can use in photography, why use toys?

Toys like action figures have always been a representation of the characters that kids and adults have always admired. It's the best way to bring these characters to life in a way that you can hold them, manipulate them, or simply remind you how awesome they are.

Toy photography enhances the physical value of toys by revealing its true colors, articulation and most of all the artistic ability in each one of us-and the way to bring out these creative imaginations is to capture the actions, the right light or shadows and the story we want to tell through our toys.

Most adults don't play like kids with their toys but instead they delight themselves in doing cool poses with their action figures. Usually creative toy collectors would customize their toy ships and action figures with new paints, additional accessories or make a diorama for it.
Basically toys have always been a way to cheer or entertain a child and that brings them instant joy! The same goes with toy photography. Every time you see one you get that child-like feeling of excitement, admiration, fun, humor and calmness.
For me when someone takes a toy photo, he or she is in good mood. Now this good feeling can radiate back to the viewers of their photo. Try looking at toy galleries at Instagram or flickr and see what I mean.

Want to cheer someone up? You might want to try toy photography.

So let's begin by exploring these cool toy photography ideas and observe how they did it.

1. Using Backdrops To Your Subject

ARX-7 Arbalest
Credits to Clement Soh