Saturday, September 23, 2017

Video: Toy Stores Inside V-Mall and Shoppesville, Philippines

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If you a are toy enthusiast who happens to visit the Philippines soon, then going to San Juan City, Metro Manila should be on your itinerary.

At Greenhills Shopping Center you can find lots of bargain items from electronics, mobile phones, computers, dining, entertainment-and anything you can think of might be there too. Well saving the best for last, this shopping mall is a treat for toy hunters because there's a number of toy store chains inside the shopping center which are located at the V-Mall (Viramall) and the Shoppesville Plus.

You can find toys from kids to adult, from toddler toys to sixth scale figures, from retail to bargain.

If in Hong Kong there's a Sino and CTMA Centre for toy shopping, then in the Philippines, there's a Greenhills Shopping Center.

Annually there's a number of toy conventions in the Philippines but sometimes work schedules or budget could hinder toy hunters from attending the event but this shouldn't bring them down because Greenhills Shopping Center is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Most sellers at toy conventions have a regular store in either Shoppesville or V-Mall so you can still catch up or luckily spot your item there.

Here's the video walkthrough of some of the toy store chains inside V-Mall and Shoppesvile Plus.

Here's list of some of the toy stores you can find there.

Virra Mall

Toy Kingdom
Maxi Collector
Babes Children’s World
Big Boys Toy Store
Fortress Toys & Hobbies
Greattoys Online
Wasabi Toys


R & G
Patrick’s Toy Shop
WRC Toys
Hobby Korner

Shoppesville  Plus

Robin’s Hobby Shop
Neutral Grounds
Dragon’s Keep
Kramer Toy Warden
Mac Kolektibolz
Toyzone Xpress
Play Box
Toy Empire
SGL Toy Shop
KT Kikotoys
Toybucks Toys & Collectibles
Land Orys
Incredible Toyz
C.T. Hobby Shop
Toys Here
It’s All About Cars
Btoys Hobby Store Collection
Bigram’s Hobby
Aki’s Collectibles
Toys Cafe
Play Giant
Raddj Toys
JNJT Collecitbles

Toy stores not on video:
Greattoys Online
Wasabi Toys

*If there are corrections on the name of a certain toy store or is not listed, please let me know by commenting below. Took this video at around 10am where several stores are not yet open AND some where relocated due to the ongoing renovation.

Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila

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