Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Philippines Could Have Been Luke Skywalker's Home

Star Wars Philippines Manila
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I was searching the net on where Star Wars: A New Hope was first shown in the Philippines. One of the results led me to a post on TIME history website entitled 5 Surprising Star Wars Facts from 1977 and it mentioned that if George Lucas had no skin issues, the shooting location could have been in one of the jungles in the Philippines. Maybe Palawan, Bohol and Mindanao could be potential spots.

Check out the whole story here: 5 Surprising Star Wars Facts, Straight From 1977

If this plan pushed through then I believe many factors in the film will change. They are as follows:

1. Lars Homestead - Luke's home
2. Landspeeder
3. Sandtroopers and Dewbacks
4. Sand People
5. Mos Eisley
6. Droids
7. Character wardrobes
8. Jawas and its Sandcrawler

Can you think of other factors that would change if Luke's home was in the jungle?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cad Bane in Denal Disguise - Sideshow Collectibles

Cad Bane Sideshow

One of the most memorable moment I had during the phenomenal Force Friday event was winning Maxicollector's force friday giveaway contest which was launched on their Instagram account: @maxicollector. The awesome price is to take home a Cad Bane in Denal Disguise - Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Force Awakens 2015 Toy Releases On Force Friday

It has been 10 years since the last Star Wars sequel Revenge of the Sith was seen on the big screen. As the countdown for the next episode The Force Awakens comes to a close this coming December 18, 2015, Hasbro will be finally releasing its first wave of TFA toys this September 4, 2015. This is the date when it was declared as "Force Friday" when all toy stores in the galaxy will simultaneously put on the shelves the new TFA toys.

Below are some of the toys taken from Hasbro's catalog which includes the following items:

1. Blasters and Masks
2. Star Wars Bladebuilders Lightsabers
3. 3.75" Figures and Vehicles
4. 12" Figures & Vehicles
5. Micro Machines Vehicles and Playsets
6. Furbacca and Remote Control BB-8
7. Black Series figures and vehicles
8. Black series Titanium Series
9. Black Series Force FX Lightsabers

Scroll down the get the download link.

The Force Awaken Toys