Friday, June 24, 2016

Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter and Star Destroyer-Mini Model Kit from Bandai

Bandai Mini X-Wing Star Destroyer
If you are a fan of Star Wars model kits and you want to build something quick while waiting for your wife or have a few minutes to spare-then this new mini model kit is for you. 

Introducing Bandai's Mini Model Plastic Kit of Star Wars' X-Wing Starfighter and Star Destroyer.  I first saw these new model kits at Toy Kingdom, V-Mall and my first impression was it won't get too much detail for its size. The glossy boxes measures only 6" x 3.3" and there were no sample displays then. It was actually tempting to pick one up for only P399 but skipped it for the moment.

The second time I bumped on these mini model kits was at a booth at ToyCon 2016 and according to a seller, they are detailed and are easy to build but I never bought it yet since my budget was aiming at something else.

Monday, June 13, 2016

What Did I Get From Going To ToyCon?

ToyCon 2016 Pop Life FanXperience
It's another time of the year when toy collectors like me would check the calendar and tell their wives and children "Uy Malapit na ToyCon! (Hey ToyCon is coming!)". And so it is, on June 10-12, 2016-ToyCon marked its 15th great year of bringing together toy enthusiasts and pop culture fans to share their passion and of course, discover new or hard-to-find toys. 

But this time is different. Recently Salt Lake Comic Con, a world-class pop culture phenomenon that gives fans an up-close personal interaction with their favorite actors, authors, and artists announced its global partnership with POP Life Entertainment.
Since Pop Life has a great potential to manufacture collectible toys from best brands and it's massive reach to pop culture fans, this collaboration makes it more possible for U.S. properties including entertainment to penetrate the Southeast Asian marketplace-and this includes the Philippines in their 2016 event list.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kotobukiya ARTFX+ AT-AT Driver Figure Review

at-at driver kotobukiya toy

As a toy collector, I always choose the closest-possible representation of the character because it's like seeing them in reality which is scaled down into a toy figure or statue form. One of the known makers of close-to-real statues is Kotobukiya of Japan which started as a toy store in 1947. Since then they evolved into soft vinyl statues and active styling figures now commonly known as ARTFX statues.

As a Star Wars fan, my favorite member of the imperial army is the AT-AT driver. You may ask why him despite he's just an all-terrain vehicle (AT-AT walker) pilot in the movie Empire Strikes Back? Well I don't know really... but these next-generation pilots were among the strongest Imperial Soldiers considered all-powerful. If I be given the chance to cosplay, I would go for the AT-AT driver for sure.

In December 2015, Kotobukiya has released their next soft vinyl statue, the AT-AT driver.