Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Toy Hunting Adventure in Hong Kong

toy shopping hong kong

One of the typical characteristics of a toy collector is to find pleasure in discovering new and rare toy items in every place possible. When an opportunity strikes to go out of the country, we never fail to put in the travel itinerary to visit toy stores in the area.

Because of that, I want to share with you some of the toy stores I have visited in Hong Kong. Actually we were there for 2 days and toy hunting was just 3rd on the list. If you're just into casual toy shopping with no particular item in mind, a single day allotted is enough and that is if you already know how to get there.

You need not to worry about transportation because Hong Kong has one of the fastest and convenient way of getting around the city and islands. Most of the time, we use the MTR train which has convenient station exits to popular places. MTR trains have an average speed of 80-135km/h that's why travel time is short between cities.

What about the price of toys?
Based on my experience, the average price of toys are slightly higher compared to Manila especially if you're in an internationally renowned toy store.

The good news is that there are several toy stores that offers rare and new items at a good price. But at the end of the day, no matter how much or how hard whatever toy you'll be bringing home, it's still the opportunity of shopping in Hong Kong that counts!



So here they are in random order:

1. TOYS "R" US (Harbour City)

Toys R Us Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui

If you are visiting the Avenue of Stars along Tsim Sha Tsui, you can drop by Toys "R" Us in Harbour City which is just across the Clock Tower.

Many say that this is the largest TRU store in Hong Kong. For me it's just large but not huge. They have a wide range of toys for all ages including for us-big boys. Some toys are typical compared to TRU Manila but you can spot several new toys there which are soon to be released in some countries.

Toys R Us Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui

What's good about TRU in Harbour City is that it's conveniently located inside the mall (ground floor) and next to it is KFC restaurant where you can satisfy your thirst for toys for a chicken meal. If you find a particular toy there, you're good to go for the standard mall price.

Toys R Us Little Pony Hong Kong ShopkinsLEGO Toys R Us Hong Kong

Toys R Us Hong Kong Star Wars Black SeriesToys R Us Hong Kong Figuarts Zero One Piece

Toys R Us Hong Kong Star WarsToys R Us Hong Kong Marvel

Note: Some toys like Star Wars line are not displayed in only one area. Some variants are a few shelves away. Not sure if this works in other toy lines.

Shop OTG23, Harbour City, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

2. TOYMART (CTMA Centre)

CTMA Centre Mong Kok Toys

When it comes to shopping from shoes, souvenirs, gadgets and toys; most can be found in the city of Mong Kok. From Yau Ma Tei MTR station, a few walks away to Sai Yeung Choi St takes you to the CTMA Centre shopping mall.

Transformers Toy Hong Kong

Batman Toys Hong KongUltraman Toys Hong Kong

CTMA Centre is not that wide but has many floors. Toy stores are usually found in the upper floors. In Manila, we have Shoppesville, in Hong Kong they have Toymart. Toymart houses are located in the 2nd floor.



Toy Hunter CTMA Centre Toy Hunter CTMA CentreDaft Punk Hot ToysKotobukiya Hong Kong

Toy Hunters is an official Hot Toys showroom that also sells collectibles of Star Wars, Marvel and DC. Not only they have cool toy selections but also nice store assistants that welcomes you.

USB Star Wars Tie Fighter
Store Location: Shop No. 218, 2/F, CTMA Centre

I won't forget this store because it's where I got my Tie Fighter USB light. Fun to hang on the car's dashboard and laptop.


Superman Toys CTMA Centre
On the right is a glass window of various toys on display. Be sure not to miss this out! Check next photo below.

Here you can see a wide variety of toys from action figures to soft vinyl toys. Before entering the store, you will be amazed with the various toy display on the right side. I was not able to browse the store too much but it's worth giving it a try.

Superman Toys CTMA Centre
Almost all kinds of toys are on display before entering the main store.

Note: Taking photos inside the store is not allowed. I was about to click the shutter button when I heard the store owner say "no photography" then pointing to the signs.

Store Location: Shop 222, 2/F, CTMA Centre

Mall Location:
CTMA Centre, 1N Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:
Various stores open between 12:00pm-2:00pm.


photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Sino Centre is another popular shopping place for K-Pop collectors, anime, magazines, watches, electronic gadgets, CD/Blurays, clothes and of course, toys! It's located along Nathan Road which is just behind the CTMA Centre, walking distance from each other.

I would not be able to discover this place if my daughters were not K-Pop fans. Toy stores are not situated in only one area instead you have to try all 4 main levels of shopping.

Note: The escalators can be tricky 'coz it's not a two-way direction instead you have to go around to the other side for the way up or down. I almost stepped on the wrong way!

3.1. SECRET BASE (Sino Centre)

Secret Base Hot Toys Hong Kong Sino Centre
Chirrut Imwe is there to assist you even though he's blind!

You should not miss this Hot Toys Official Store in Hong Kong which is located at the 20th floor of Sino Centre. I heard that you can find almost all Hot Toys figures there but this is yet to be confirmed.

Star Wars Hot Toys Hong KongSuicide Squad Hot Toys Hong Kong

Star Wars Mini Figure Hot Toys Hong KongStar Wars Hot Toys Hong Kong

Upon entering, you'll surely be amazed with its space station-door-like entrance. And because of their sci-fi environment theme and wide selection of licensed Hot Toys figures of Star Wars, Marvel, DC Films, Predator and more; the force will tell you to grab your camera and take photos. Yes taking photos is allowed as long as you don't take pictures of the store assistants.

This nice display setup will help you appreciate the details of Hot Toys figures and how it brings life to your favorite characters in 1:6 scale figures.

Mall Location:  
Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Rd, Hong Kong (near Yau Ma Tei MTR station)

Batman Hot Toys Hong KongSino Centre Hot Toys Mong KokBatman Hot Toys Hong KongBatman Hot Toys Hong Kong


In's Point Hong Kong Toy Stores

In's Point is a smaller shopping center and its much closer to Yau Ma Tei station if you take Exit D, Waterloo Road. The mall's entrance s like a KTV Bar and above  the building is a railroad train replica which indicates that you have reached your destination.

Opening hours of stores also vary from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Finding the escalators are also tricky as the way up or down is situated independently. Navigating the shops for the first time made us going circles so you have to be mindful of the ones you've passed already.

In's Point Mong Kok Toys
I think In's Point is a great place for LEGO collectors because most of the stores I passed have cool LEGO characters and ships on display. Others say that sets are cheaper here as compared to popular chain stores. Looking at the price tags of individual LEGO characters in the above photo, price ranges from $40-$250 HKD. What do you think?

I was not able to take too much photos because we were there at lunch time and few toy stores were open.


Hong Kong Disneyland Toy Stores

For Marvel and Star Wars collectors, being part of the Disney franchise has made even better your every Disneyland experience because of the Disney exclusives being offered inside the park.

There are several souvenir shops around the park and most of them have Disney toys, clothes, magnets, key chains, figurines and more. Expect that prices on toys and souvenirs won't be cheap along with of food and drinks.


photo credits:
Space Traders is just next the Hyperspace Mountain Ride. After that hyperspace ride experience, the door exit leads to the store's shopping area. You need to catch your breath first so you can browse the store better.

Hong Kong Disneyland Star Wars ToysHong Kong Disneyland Star Wars Toys

Hong Kong Disneyland Star Wars Toys

I've seen a bunch of Star Wars toys like the The Black Series, Hot Toys, LEGO and Takara Tomy. We also enjoyed the nice designs of various Star Wars souvenirs, perfect for "pasalubongs".


Iron Man Expo Hong Kong Disneyland

One of this year's featured part of the park is the new Iron Man Experience. Along with the Stark Expo and Iron Wing ride (recommended), there is also an exclusive Mavel items found at the Iron Man Expo Shop.

Iron Man Expo Hong Kong Disneyland

Iron Man Expo Hong Kong Disneyland

Not too many toys that time since it's newly opened but let's wait and see as to more Marvel movies are on queue this year.

There are also other Disney toy stores in the park and they are Andy's Toy Box, Star Command Supplies, Emporium and the Main Street Cinema.

If you missed buying an item at HK Disneyland, you can try your luck with their store branches at the Hong Kong Airport at Terminals 1 & 2.

6. HONG KONG AIRPORT (Terminal 1 & 2)

As one of the largest airport in the world, you can find toy stores inside the non-restricted and restricted areas inside the HK airport. Enjoy shopping from food, gadgets to toys while waiting for your flight schedule. Well another good thing about the HK airport is that there are non-restricted areas you can shop and dine-in even though tomorrow is your next flight.


Toys & Games Hong Kong Airport
 Location: Departures Check-in Hall, Level 7
Non-restricted Area
Toys & Games has a wide selection of items for kids and big boys like Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, airplane models, Batman, LEGO, Hot Toys, NBA and more.

Toys & Games Hong Kong Airport
Location: Near Gate 501-510, Departures Level (L5), North Satellite Concourse
Toys & Games Hong Kong Airport

Star Wars Helmet Bluetooth Speaker
In my wish list-the Star Wars 1:1 Helmet Bluetooth Speaker by Camino.
I also saw the same Camino 1:1 Helmet Bluetooth Speakers at Toys "R" Us, Harbour City which is only a dollar cheaper.


Exploration Store Hong Kong

The Exploration Store can be found in the non restricted area of Terminal 2, Level 5.

Here you can find games, stuff toys, action figures, drones, bags, models, electronic gadgets, stationery and books.

Most items are educational toys from dinosaurs to Science.

You can still catch some Star Wars items as well as Marvel and Sesame Street.
Exploration Store Hong Kong

6.3. PLAY N' GO

play n' go hong kong airport

The last time we went to Hong Kong I never knew that there's another good toy store until I found in the airport's directory the Play N' Go store. Indeed it's a good place to include for your toy hunting adventure.

play n' go hong kong airport

play n' go hong kong airport

We went to Terminal 2 after breakfast and most toy stores were already open. So if you want to start early your toy hunting, the airport is a good place to start.

6.4. GIFT & TAKE

gift & take hong kong airport

Gift & Take is a new toy store along the end of check-in aisle F, departures level (L7). It's just a few stores away from Toys & Games.

It has a wide selection of Hong Kong-themed gifts, souvenirs and limited edition collectibles. Lots of mini-figures of Star Wars and Marvel. Saw some Disney statues too.

gift & take hong kong airportgift & take hong kong airport


Disney Store Hong Kong Airport

As I mentioned earlier, there are also Disney stores inside the HK airport. It's less crowded as compared from the Disney park and much convenient if you're on your way back to your country.

Disney Store Hong Kong Airport

There are 3 branches inside the airport and they are as follow:

Terminal 1
Restricted Area
Departures East Hall, Level 7 and 
Near Gate 61, Departures Level (L6)
Terminal 2
Non-restricted Area
Level 5

That's it! These are just the the toy stores I have visited and there are still good places in Hong Kong for more toy adventures. I only bought a single item and I gave myself a pat on the back for not giving in easily on buying impulse

Toy Shopping in Hong Kong is really fun because you get to see new items and discover lots of toy varieties from different toy stores. Most places like malls and street markets have toys to sell even in convenient stores. Minor drawback is the language barrier but they can manage to comprehend since most toy sellers are into toy collecting.
I hope you enjoyed this toy stores review. So until then, happy toy hunting!