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Kotobukiya ARTFX+ AT-AT Driver Figure Review

at-at driver kotobukiya toy

As a toy collector, I always choose the closest-possible representation of the character because it's like seeing them in reality which is scaled down into a toy figure or statue form. One of the known makers of close-to-real statues is Kotobukiya of Japan which started as a toy store in 1947. Since then they evolved into soft vinyl statues and active styling figures now commonly known as ARTFX statues.

As a Star Wars fan, my favorite member of the imperial army is the AT-AT driver. You may ask why him despite he's just an all-terrain vehicle (AT-AT walker) pilot in the movie Empire Strikes Back? Well I don't know really... but these next-generation pilots were among the strongest Imperial Soldiers considered all-powerful. If I be given the chance to cosplay, I would go for the AT-AT driver for sure.

In December 2015, Kotobukiya has released their next soft vinyl statue, the AT-AT driver.

at at driver kotobukiya

Speaking of soft vinyl materials, they are hollow toy figures made of soft PVC. They are usually lightweight and can save you from shipping cost. They are like hard rubbery plastics which are ideal for snap fit figures like of course this AT-AT driver statue.

Click on photos to enlarge.
The Kotobukiya ARTFX+ AT-AT Driver Statue comes with 3 couples of arm poses that includes one pair of boots with a magnet on the instep. The magnets add extra stability when standing on its metal base.

I just hope they have added some armor or snow details on its base because it looks so basic like it belongs to some toys in flea markets. What I like is that it's big enough to allow the figure to stand at any angle.

One arm pose can also hold a rifle blaster which is detachable from the hand. It also includes an instructional manual which I did not read but putting the parts together was a breeze.

After doing so, I think I would limit changing the arm poses to preserve the shoulder pegs from losing its thickness.

artfx at-at driver
One of the arm poses holding a rifle blaster.

The Kotobukiya AT-AT driver is a 1/10th scale statue which is over 7" tall. In Wookieepedia, the average height of these human drivers is 6 feet tall and that I think is justified with the figure's long legs.

at at driver helmet

Look at the paint job this figure. Awesome, right? Notice the imperial logos on the helmet, they are so neat like it's printed on the surface. The helmet sculpt has great details except that the mold is so perfect and with it's glossy white color, this guy doesn't seem to go out of the AT-AT walker so often for physical encounters.

Good thing is that the head can be moved up and down but not sidewards.

AT AT driver blaster

The computer box on his chest that gives oxygen are impressive. The air hoses runs from the box and connects to the back of the helmet. There is also a commlink on the left gauntlet which is also present in the other arm variants.

AT AT driver computer board

The computer board on the back of the chest plate is another detailed work that makes me rate the overall paint job of Kotobukiya AT-AT driver to 9 out of 10.

Aside from the wielding-the-rifle-blaster arms, here are the other poses you can customized with this statue.

AT AT driver stand rest

Above is the parade rest with his hands behind his back.

AT AT driver sideviewAT AT driver sideview

The photos above gives you an idea on how you can army-build with the Kotobukiya AT-AT driver. They look great while in parade rest!

AT AT driver gauntlet glove

Above is my favorite, the putting-on-the-gloves arm pose. It's like he's getting ready to take control of the 20 meters tall, Imperial walkers that can run on all terrains and a symbol of the Empire's military might.

Here is a size comparison with Hasbro's Star Wars 6" Black Series-Luke Skywalker in Hoth outfit. You might think the two won't go well on your shelves... I agree because the AT-AT driver is so tall that he looks like a Wampa in disguise.

Final Thoughts:

AT AT driver walker

I'm glad to finally have my own Kotobukiya AT-AT driver statue. Why I like this statue is because of:
  • High details on the paint job
  • The head and armor sculpt
  • Customized arm poses which are all cool
  • Magnetic base
My least favorite is the plain figure base which is quite disappointing. In their previous line of Star Wars (1/7 scale) vinyl statues, they used to have detailed bases. Not sure if the magnetic boots hinders the possibility.

This figure is a very good addition to your Star Wars collection especially for army building. Since Imperial Walkers has two drivers, I may need another one if I get lucky.

Thanks to Big Boys Toy Store for a great transaction. Until the next toy review, Happy Toy Hunting!

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