Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Adults Are Into Toy Collecting?

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Do you sometimes feel awkward when you’re in a shopping mall and you tell your wife you're going to the toy store? Or do your co-workers make fun of you when they saw dozens of toys in your room?

Actually there are lots of reasons why big boys and girls are still into toys nowadays. And one main reason is toy collecting.

Now why do people collect? It’s a sense of accomplishment, the beauty of completing things from different sources and the manner it was acquired. It also gives someone a feeling of luckiness when they bought something rare and cheap.

The same goes with toy collecting. The thrill and excitement of adding new items in your collection is the by-product of your toy hunting. Probably some of you have gone to toy garage sales or even in the bigger toy conventions. There you’ll find many toys you haven’t seen before or toys being sold in bargain prices. When you’re lucky enough to take them home, what do you feel? You feel great!

Now let’s focus more on why adults like toy collecting?

Here is a list of the possible reasons why adults collect toys based on people I talked to.
  1. They did not have too much toys when they were little boys.
  2. They miss their childhood.
  3. They are huge fans of a movie, comics, cartoon or video game.
  4. A way to avoid bad habits or spending money on useless things.
  5. They feel younger.
  6. They admire arts particularly sculptures.
  7. They enjoy articulation.
  8. They enjoy taking pictures of toys.
  9. For fun.

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Now let’s proceed to the benefits of toy collecting.
  1. It develops your resourcefulness.
  2. You learn to be patient when it comes to budgeting.
  3. An easier way to reward yourself.
  4. It brings life to your movie or game imaginations.
  5. It develops your judgment when it comes to sculpting and articulations.
  6. You meet new friends of the same passion.
  7. You can relate well with younger people like your children.
  8. Not bad for your health unless you chew them.
  9. It can boost your mood level when you look at your toy shelves.
  10. You develop your sense of organizing and how to utilize small room spaces.
  11. You can teach your children to cherish their toys at early age.

Toy collecting has also its weak points and it’s important that we keep this in mind to balance our hobbies with our relationship and priorities in life.
  1. Toys can be expensive that you are willing to take the bait.
  2. It can be tempting sometimes to react on your buying impulse.
  3. When you start completing a set of toys, sometimes there’s no backing out.
  4. Some toys have a lower resale value. So don’t throw the box immediately.
  5. It can eat your house’s space for storage.
  6. You become lazy cleaning the dust and spider webs off.
  7. It could keep you awake at night by playing with them.
  8. You could be like Golum who becomes too obsessed with your toy collection. Precious!
I just want to remind you that toys are there just for personal fun. It can never replace the fun we get from the laughter and sweetness of our family and friends.

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When you buy toys, always make sure you have the right budget and you won’t regret it later on. Check the parts for safety and has no harmful chemicals on it. Always think more than twice if you really need the new toy or just reacting on your first impression.

And… Never ever put your toy-collecting hobby first before your wife and your children. I mean don’t get mad at your children when you see them touching your precious toy figure. They are just like you who admires and curious to touch them.

You can remedy this by talking to them politely or placing your toys in the right shelves like glass cabinets that's high enough for them to reach.

I hope this article gave you some ideas and helpful tips on toy collecting. Happy toy hunting!


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