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Elvis Presley Figure From '68 Comeback Special by Enterbay & Kotobukiya

enterbay kotobukiya artfx elvis presley review

One of my best childhood memories is a family video of me doing an Elvis Presley impersonation wearing a black leather jacket with a guitar while lip-syncing a song from his concert. I'm still a huge Elvis fan and a week won't pass without listening to his music.

Now that I am starting to shift on sixth scale toy figures, of course looking for an Elvis Presley figure is on my list. I don't own too much memorabilia of the King of Rock and Roll but having the closest representation of him is enough for me to look at everyday while listening to his timeless songs.

Enterbay Kotobukiya Elvis Presley Figure
And now a Japanese manufacturer-Kotobukiya and Enterbay teamed up in a once in a lifetime collaboration to create a special ArtFX action figure of Elvis Presely '68 Comeback Special!

The '68 Comeback Special was aired on television on December 3, 1968 by NBC network. It was Elvis comeback on the music scene after his release from the army on 1960 and for not having US tours from 1962 to 1968.

The'68 Comeback is my favorite era in Elvis' career because it's the time when he was physically fit wearing a cool leather jacket; had a deeper, husky voice; and performed most of his popular songs on stage production and "unplugged" jamming sessions in front of a small audience.

hot toys stormtrooper elvis star wars
Height comparision: Enterbay Elvis Presley and the Hot Toys Rogue One Stormtrooper
Bottom of the base is a special commemorative hologram sticker.
This limited edition figure stands 13" tall (1/6th scale) with 25 points of articulation. From what I read, it has produced only 3,000 sets in the planet and you can check out the base for the serial number. Mine is product number 936 out of 3000.


enterbay kotobukiya elvis accessories

Inside the box is a the red and white figure base that replicates the actual stage during the jammin' and solo sessions of the program. In the middle of the base is an "Elvis Presley" name plate. The base has two holes on each side where you can insert the microphone cords to hide them.

The mic stand can be adjusted to a certain height and likewise the microphone clipper can be tilted up and down.

It also comes with a black figure holder that can only be inserted on a single hole to the far right. I was hoping that there's another center hole for the figure holder but none. So you can only make extreme poses with the figure on the right side and allowing the other accessories like the guitar amplifier and mic stand to stay on the left.

1963 Gibson Super 400 CES and Al Casey's Benson 200 amplifier
Elvis borrowed this guitar from Scotty Moore for the live segments of the 1968 Comeback Special. Now this model sells over $40,000 at auctions! 

You'll be amazed that the guitar accessory has actual strings which is very fragile when putting on the extra chorded-hand. The guitar straps has a detailed design pattern that looks awesome. Only minimal issue is that there's no fretboard markers on the guitar neck based on the actual model.

The figure comes with six variation of hand gestures. Each sides has it's own ring and one of my favorite hand is the one with the guitar pick! I just don't remember seeing Elvis in the '68 comeback special holding one.

The drawback is that the white guitar pick fell off the first time I tried it on. The hand holes that connects with the peg connectors were so tight that I needed to use some tools to widen the holes a bit.

Fortunately I found the pick on the floor and was able to fix it because the pick has a tiny hole that connects to a peg on the thumb.

The Figure:

Starting from the head is one of my favorite part of the figure. For me seeing this figure for real is different from what you see in photos. I can say, man this is Elvis!

The hair details are correct when it comes to Elvis' general hairstyle but I wished they placed some few hair waves and bangs since the '68 Comeback Special is more about Elvis shaking and singing on stage.

The face is on the serious side and I also wished there's a separate head with his signature lip curl or just the singing face gesture.

artfx elvis presleyleather jacket elvis presleyelvis microphone

Man, the leather suit is so cool! The details on the jacket are well stitched with working pockets and buttons. Inside the jacket is a black sleeveless shirt that shows some part of his chest.

elvis presley enterbay kotobukiya
The neck and chest are made up of rubber-like skin but not on the rest of the body parts. I saw some dark marks in his arms and chest rubbed from the leather suit during the unpacking.

Elvis wrist strap watch
A detailed wrist straps on both hands that can be rotated.
I believe this is a very fragile figure and parts that needed special care are the hand pegs, the leather buttons, guitar strings, rubber skin and generally the joints-which we don't want to get loosed from frequent movements.


elvis presley hot toys
Singing "One Night With You". The amp can sub for the chair.

elvis presley sixth scale
Doing his pelvis moves with Blue Suede Shoes.

elvis presley enterbay kotobukiya
The jammin' session in the sitting position. I need a chair for this.

elvis presley toy figure
Elvis doing his classic medley of hits.
You can do lots of Elvis poses with this figure and they look great. The only awkward thing about this is the closed mouth.

The figure holder does the job well and I like the way it's designed by gripping the waist and can allow the figure to move at different angles.

The Fun Factor:

Now listening to Elvis music is more exciting when you have the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special by Enterbay/Kotobukiya around. I like pairing it with the other figures especially to another distinctive character who likes to wear leather. Who else but Darth Vader!

elvis presley darth vader
Here Darth Vader giving a welcome speech for Elvis as new member of Steve's Toy Room.

elvis presley darth vader star wars
Vader singing "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens accompanied by Elvis on the guitar.

Would Vader lure Elvis to the dark side? Or Enterbay and Kotobukiya would produce another Elvis Presley 1/6th scale figure? Would it be the Aloha from Hawaii Special? Stay tuned.

This wraps up our toy review of the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special by Enterbay and Kotobukiya.

Hope you like my review and if you have some questions, just hit comment below. Thanks. So until the next toy review... Happy Toy Hunting!

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