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Quick Review: Star Wars 6" Black Series Snowtrooper (Episode 5)

Snowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black Series

One of my favorite movies from the Star Wars saga is A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. So when Hasbro introduced the first wave of the 6" Black Series on August 2013 that includes Luke (X-Wing Outfit), R2D2, Darth Maul and Sandtrooper; three years after, my wish list finally came out. The Snowtrooper, AT-AT pilot and Old Ben Kenobi were released.

Wave 9 6" Black Series
For me, one of the best batch of the 6" Black Series figures is Wave 9. It's because it's a combination of the classic characters in Episodes 4 & 5; Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Wave 9 includes Snowtrooper (ESTB), Old Ben Kenobi, Princess Leia, AT-AT Pilot, Darth Revan and Sabine Wren.

You may the need to use your Jedi sensitivity to find them in toy stores because it's running out fast!




I've always admired the Episode 5 version of the Snowtrooper than that from the Force Awakens. It's because he's one of the iconic characters in the Battle of Hoth along with the AT-AT pilot.

Snowtroopers are also known as the cold weather assault stormtroopers. They are the elite stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire trained and equipped to operate in frigid environments such as the icy planet of Hoth.

Snowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black SeriesSnowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black SeriesSnowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black Series


The first thing I noticed about the armor is that the paint is not all white as to the way I was used to. Since these elite stromtroopers are engaged in battle, we can expect some fading and dirt on its coat and pants. This is why some props and costume manufacturers like Anovos uses cream or off-white colors on the polyester wool coat and polyester cotton blend pants. 

This kind of paint job is a good idea to depict some weathered details and make the armor standout from the coat. 

Snowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black Series Shoes
On the lower part, some dirt on the boots, straps and skirt. Looking up close, I seriously like the details down there. Just can't help admiring the sculptors who carved the details on these figures because it would require special skills and imagination.

Snowtrooper BackpackSnowtrooper Backpack
The survival backpack is removable but you should limit removing it because it shows some possibility of getting loosed pegs. Paint job is really clean especially when zooming on the imperial text/symbols on the backpack. The skirt is made up of rubber and so are the shoulder bells.

Snowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black Series
Here's a small wish on the helmet part. Maybe they should have made the vinyl hood stand out from the head armor by making it pure, glossy white. Not a big deal though, it's still a very great figure. 


Snowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black Series
Looking at the skirt, you can already tell there's a leg limitation when moving sideward. The helmet can look sideways but again, since the hood is hard plastic, he can't look at joe while peeing unless he bends down.

Here's what you get:
  • swivel abs but limited to bending up
  • ball-hinged elbows and shoulders
  • ball hinged wrist
  • swivel legs
  • double hinged knees
  • ball-hinged rocker ankles

The available articulation can still give you those cool combat poses.



Snowtrooper Empire Strikes Back 6" Black Series Blaster
It comes with a survival backpack to store their mama's sandwiches and two weapons namely the E-11 blaster and DLT-19. My issue is that the E-11 blaster does not fit well on right trigger hand. Not sure if it's a factory defect or a general one.

The sum it up, the 6" Snowtrooper of The Empire Strikes Back is another great figure to be added to your Star Wars original trilogy 6" line. Even though he may lack articulation due to armor design, the sculpt and details outshines its overall value.

Paint: 10/10
Sculpt: 10/10
Articulation: 8/10
Accessories: 8/10

Hope you enjoyed this quick review of the Star Wars 6" Black Series Snowtrooper (Episode 5). May the force be with you in your next toy hunt.

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