Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Shop Globally with Uskoop

When I was a kid, we had several relatives who lives in the U.S. and some of them are my ninangs and ninongs. So every time someone visits the Philippines, we usually get pasalubongs in the form of chocolates, shoes, perfumes, shirts but of course, there will always be toys!

I told myself when I grow up, I want to visit the U.S. so I can buy those products and bring them home. But time has led me to a different path to stay in my beloved country. Thankfully, the birth of internet shopping has made it possible for customers like me to purchase products from abroad and have them delivered to your doorsteps.

It may sound easy but purchasing online requires you to have a clean credit card and should shoulder the shipping cost and import charges. Not to mention with the rise of online hackers, there is risk on online transactions.

Okay heads up, there's a better alternative that handles all your online shopping needs and they are Uskoop Philippines.

Basically Uskoop is your shopping gateway that will do all the computations, purchase and shipping for you. The moment you paste the product link in Uskoop's search bar, within a second you will be given an appraisal inclusive of the basic charges and shipping. And that's already in PHP currency.


Here are 5 products in my Uskoop wishlist:

1. The Black Series Stormtrooper Helmet -

2. The Ultimate Action Figure Collection -

3. R2-D2 USB Car Charger -

4. R2-D2 Interactive Robotic Droid -

5. The Force Awakens (Collector's Edition) Bluray - 

The last product which is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Collector's Edition) bluray has a final price of P2,487.14 in Uskoop. Click above image to enlarge.

Actually the same product was already added to my ebay watch list. Below is a snapshot of the final price if I would buy the bluray from ebay.

Click to enlarge

The final price of the bluray from ebay will cost me $96.16. Using google's currency converter tool, I have to pay P4,633.47 inclusive of shipping.

Obviously I would prefer to buy the Star Wars: TFA bluray using Uskoop's service considering it's almost half the price against ebay and the product will come directly from Walmart, USA.

I hope it's not obvious that I'm a Star Wars fan :-)

Here are the features of Uskoop Philippines:

  • One-stop shopping-and-shipping service on one site
  • Prices are all-inclusive and Uskoop PH will take care of shipping, customs & taxes with insurance
  • Delivers to your doorstep anywhere in the PH via air 10-15 business days
  • No need to worry about credit card acceptance outside your home country
  • No need to pay US Sales Tax
  • No need to use a US shipping Address
  • Single checkout from different US online stores
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Uskoop PH takes care of everything. You only have to tell what you want to buy and Uskoop PH will take care of everything from buying to shipping to your address to customer service and post-sale support

As Christmas is getting closer, I think Uskoop is an economical alternative in finding online gifts and a way to avoid the traffic and crowded malls. Happy shopping everyone!

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